Having owned this domain since 2008, I'm moving on to other projects and would like to sell it. Feel free to contact if interested. Thanks. Feel free to contact if interested. Thanks.

Reasons to buy Snaplists.com

Easy to remember domain

Great site for seling list and database services. And, with the best host (Turnkey), this one is "snappy!"

Data Friendly

Remember, facebook.com got their start as a domain by selling corporate databse services on about.com. Snalpists is ideal for seling data services.


The domain "snaplist.com" was used for "to-do" lists by T-Mobile as part of their smartphone service.

About Seller

In peace, Cook Communication participates in Worldwide Peace Organization, Internetional Associatoin of Educators for World Peace, ISOL Foundation and similar organizations.

In publishing, Cook Communication provides support for new writers who seek publication of their fiction, poetry, or nonfiction works.

In education, Cook Communication provides support for training in business communication, creative writing, and information processing - including statistical analysis of business/social data, mapping, and marketing promotion.

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